Martina Caruso, between creative enthusiasm and sustainable commitment

Many are the improvements that the Signum is preparing for the new season. At the center of the project, as always and more than ever, the cuisine of its Chef, Martina Caruso.

This year, Martina’s cuisine will have a more established identity. There will definitely be more and more indigenous products from the island and traditional recipes revisited in a modern key, in particular due to cooking and preparation techniques.

The cuisine of Martina is made of care and perseverance, respecting nature and its natural cycles. It is a cuisine made of local products, fruits of the island and of its sea, from wild herbs to fresh fish.

Without a doubt, a sustainable cuisine. According to Martina, sustainability means respect for the nature and the raw material, attention to waste that must be reduced to the minimum, and promotion of the cooking of reuse. Sustainability means also respect for man, because behind each product there is a man who cultivates it and takes care of it.

The situation that our country and the rest of the world is facing, has naturally led to postpone the appointment with Martina Caruso and with the wonders of the Signum. Even so this break is an opportunity to think, which Martina and her staff will treasure to create more and more unique experiences for its guests. A month that is an occasion for in depth study: “this month more readings, especially the one related to cooking, and more study sessions” – confirms Marina Caruso – “It is a constructive month that will allow us to broaden our views and better organize the Signum kitchen”. The staff has got the chance to meditate on the experiences done and then report them to colleagues, providing thus a way for a useful exchange of views that will allows them to give life to new projects.

Martina is positive that she can pull many ideas out from this particular moment. She says, “I’m sure I’ll dream of some new dishes during the night” …