The best dates to visit Salina and the Aeolian Islands

Thinking of the Aeolian Islands, the luxuriant nature, the clear sea and the relaxing atmosphere of the summer immediately come to mind. Salina, in particular, has the most varied environments: the coast, sometimes soft and sometimes jagged, the breath-taking seabed, and the wooded areas that alternate with those cultivated. In the territory, the numerous attractions are areas of naturalistic interest and important archaeological finds.


From Positano to Salina, hoping not to return to the starting point by Giuseppe Mascoli

In 1945 my father Giulio left Capri for Positano. Already in the post-war period it was clear that Capri was moving towards a faster and more distracted kind of visitor. A few people , including my father, escaped to less uprooted and more authentic places.


Salina Food Tour: the delicious stops-over not to be missed

article by
Salvatore Spatafora

Journalist, traveler and fine gourmet

At first glance the Aeolian Islands may seem very similar to each other, in reality the seven sisters are distinguished from each other by a specific dominant trait. Salina is certainly the “greener” one, due to the rich and luxuriant vegetation that surrounds it.