The best dates to visit Salina and the Aeolian Islands

Thinking of the Aeolian Islands, the luxuriant nature, the clear sea and the relaxing atmosphere of the summer immediately come to mind. Salina, in particular, has the most varied environments: the coast, sometimes soft and sometimes jagged, the breath-taking seabed, and the wooded areas that alternate with those cultivated. In the territory, the numerous attractions are areas of naturalistic interest and important archaeological finds.

The Aeolian Islands are able to offer visitors an all-round experience. Each island has a different and distinct soul and manages to give those who visit them multifaceted and always new emotions.
Excursions to discover the archipelago by sea are able to give unforgettable experiences. Nature lovers can visit scenic routes that allow them to discover the beauties of the hinterland. Those who choose quiet and relaxation can enjoy the maximum of well-being in the local facilities that have always focused their work on the culture of hospitality and well-being.

Even lovers of social life will not be disappointed: clubs, cultural events, open-air cinemas, evenings dancing under the stars will leave them an unforgettable memory. There are also various artistic and cultural manifestations; patronal feasts, festivals and religious events that keep alive a vast numbers of traditions and crafts. Finally, the food and wine offer is the most varied.
Throughout the territory, there are numerous places where you can taste traditional dishes and local wines.

All these characteristics make the Aeolian Islands an extremely versatile territory, characterized by a very wide seasonality. If it is true, however, that the seven sisters can be visited in all seasons in order to be able to discover the innumerable facets of such a peculiar territory, it is equally true that there is a period among all, in which they give the best of themselves, or rather two!

Virtue lies in the middle, the Latins recited, exhorting to seek the balance that always arises between two extremes. So if winter can be too extreme for those who are not used to island life with a capital “I” and if in high season the islands can seem chaotic to regenerate the senses, here is the solution:

June and September are the BEST DATES

June and September are two very different periods, but united by a rather slowed perception of time, as if everything lasted more and you had more time to appreciate better every moment.
June is a pause for meditation and concentration, as when before a jump you make peace with yourself and concentrate all your energies. September is instead an interlude of relaxation, the summit after a long climb, that moment when you turn around satisfied, look at the road travelled and there is no room for fatigue, but only for amazement.

There are many reasons why these dates are the best to discover the Aeolian archipelago.
During this period, it seems that the restless climate of the Aeolian Islands finds its own dimension and stabilizes to give us the perfect temperature: mild during the day and cool in the evening.
If in June the temperature only tempts us to soak in the unpolluted sea of ​​the Aeolian Islands, in September an ancestral call directs us to nature, which leads us to climb the paths that run between valleys and volcanic rocks.
In these months, nature shows itself to its full potential (sooner or later, someone will have to try to count all the shades of green and blue of which the islands are coloured).

The breeze manages to brighten up the days. In fact, in June, it warms the soul and softens the heart, bringing with it the scents of flowers and herbs that grow spontaneously, while in September it finally refreshes the days, freeing them from the heat of August and cradles the evenings spent watching the moon reflecting on the sea. If we want to give some numbers, June and September are the two moments in which you can best enjoy the seven islands because there are never too many people and not too few.

Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to get in touch with the true nature of the island, but in good company.
Finally, on these dates the local administrations delight visitors and islanders with a series of cultural events: film festivals, exhibitions, theatre performances, concerts and patronal festivals; offering something for all tastes.

To pull the strings, in a historical moment in which nowadays we talk more and more about slow living, applying this lifestyle, oriented towards happiness, to the everyday life of an island, is not so obvious but it sure is easier.
Accepting a way of living in the time of nature, paying attention to the present in order to enjoy every moment: well, in these dates it happens almost naturally.
All you can do then is to book your tickets and finally discover the best dates to visit Salina and the Aeolian Islands.