The Christmas cake according to Martina Caruso – Milk soup with chocolate, coffee and carob

I chose the Milk Soup because it is easy to prepare and at the same time, it is tasty and traditional.

For this dish, I was inspired by the classic breakfast dessert that parents prepare at home for their children. Both the colour and the simplicity of the ingredients remind me of the Christmas atmosphere. The white of the milk and the sweetness of the chocolate and the carob tree bring me back to the simplicity of tradition and to the small daily pleasures, like a day of celebration spent with the family.

Recipe for 4 people:



whole milk 225 gr
fresh cream 25 gr
corn starch 10 gr
sugar 25 gr


milk chocolate 50 gr
white chocolate 50 gr
butter 10 gr
coffee powder 5 gr
cereals 50 gr
carob syrup
chopped carob 50 gr


flour “00” 35 gr
sugar 35 gr
butter 35 gr
egg white 40 gr


For the soup

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring them almost to the boiling point. Let the soup thicken a little. Then let it cool, covering it with a film.

For the praline

Melt the chocolates and butter in a bain-marie. Then add the coffee powder and cereals form a square tile and let it cool. Cut into squares.

For the syrup

Cover the carob with water and let it rest for 24 hours, stir occasionally and add water if necessary. Bring to boil at low heat and then let it rest for 24h. Filter and let it shrink. (If possible use the “Carob wort”).

For the waffle

Melt the butter, add the sugar and flour little by little and at the end the beaten egg whites. Spread the mixture on the silpat and make thin circles, bake at 180 ° C for a few minutes.

Martina Caruso